This is the start to Colony51, my webcomic about space and stuff!

It’s going to be grand, mag-ni-fi-cient, cute at times, harsh and unforgiving at others.

It’ll pay my bills. It’ll sweeten your Fridays and make Mondays sufferable.


For now though it’s just one cute website with very little of the background information written out, with one lonely page sitting there and telling you that the story is about a group of recruits at the elite military academy on Colony 51. Well, it’s not telling near as much, which is why I have to tell you in the comments. Don’t fret though, it will all make sense eventually.

Because I am an incredibly greedy person I have put all the support options in place even before the first comic was drawn, and I’m not even ashamed!

You can support me on Patreon, shop over my Amazon Affiliate link (nice art book here in case you don’t know what to buy) and simply because you read this I have earned a cent from ads!

If you wish to get into contact I have a Twitter, Facebook and even signed up for this blog network with the domain name missing an ‚e‘.

And if you are interested in behind the scenes you can head to my other comic www.abysmalartist.com where I draw the life of a struggling comic artist. Hnnng, so meta.

Let’s have some fun together


Abby Smalartist